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Front Fork Oil R&R

Fork Complete

Stering bering kit (Con kit)

Leg Assembly RHS

Leg Assembly LHS

Inner Tube

Fork Oil Seal

Rear Shockabsorber

Footrest (Rear) LSH/RSH

Footrest (Front) LSH/RSH


Main Wiring Harness

Fuel pump (Electrical)

Cooling Fan (Ventilator comp)

Starter Motor Assembly

Start Relay


Starter Assembly

Fuel Injector / Throttle body

Speed Sensor

Flasher/Head light Control


Engine overhauling

Crang Case replacement

Cylinder head cover or Gasket

Cylinder head assembly

Cylinder head Gasket

Cylinder block pistol



Fixed & Variable consumabale

Chain wax

Water washing

Body wax

Paint tuch

Battery charging

Oil Filter Clean Replacement

Only Washing with Shapoo

Chain Dipping

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The above given services may vary from model to model on the servicing. The costs in the application are labour charges & Spare parts cost details which includes GST. Obtained from Curel I Quality SPPST technology Services.

Free Pick Up and Drop Services

Send us a Request for Free Pick and Drop service and we will come to your address pick your bike complete the requested service and return the bike safley back to you.

And we also provide At Home Repair Services

NOTE : This Service is currently only Available in Alappuzha area and Nowhere else.

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