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Full Service For Scooter

Types Of Scooters Serviced

Scooter (STD)

Scooter with shock

Scooter with Disk

Scooter with FI

Scooter with ABS. FI

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Full Service (Scooter) - Types Of Services Covered

Road Test    -    Report

Servicing    -    Washing

Engine Oil /Gear Oil    -    Replacing

Oil Filter    -    Replacing

Air Cleaner Element    -    Replacing

Carborattor (FI)    -    Cleaning

Fuel System Leakages    -    Cleaning

Battery/Level/ Electric    -    Check Adjust

Brake Light Switch F/R    -    Check Adjust

Oil Cooler Pipes    -    Check Adjust

High Pressure Fuel Filter    -    Check Clean

Clutch Unit / Variator Pulley    -    Grease & Replace

Throttle Play    -    Check Replace

Rear Brake Pedal Play    -    Check Lube

Brake Iining and pad Wear ABS    -    Check Replace

All Light & Hrone    -    Check Replace

All Cables    -    Check Replace

All Fasteners Tightness    -    Check Tight

Tyre Thread Wear    -    Check Adjust

General Lubrication    -    Check Greesing

All Pivot    -    Check Greesing

Drive Belt    -    Check Replace

Lubrication of Starter Clutch    -    Lubrication (every 500 km)

Oil Strainer / Centrefugal Filter    -    Cleaning (every 5000km)

Spark Plug (2 Nos)    -    Replacing

Front Fork Oil    -    Replace

Brake Fluid Change    -    Replace

Steering Stem Bearing    -    Greasing & Replace

Wheel Bearing    -    Greasing & Replace

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The above given services may vary from model to model on the servicing. The costs in the application are labour charges & Spare parts cost details which includes GST. Obtained from Curel I Quality SPPST technology Services.

Free Pick Up and Drop Services

Send us a Request for Free Pick and Drop service and we will come to your address pick your bike complete the requested service and return the bike safley back to you.

And we also provide At Home Repair Services

NOTE : This Service is currently only Available in Alappuzha area and Nowhere else.

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