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Washing & Polishing

Cureliquality team is well trained & experienced in Washing & Polishing Our Experts can often give advise on getting a Washing & Polishing to done on your vehicles. it gives the vehicle a gloss finish, it is like a sunscreen cream that protects the vehicle's paint, it is enough if you use it once in a while and one need not repaint the vehicle. This article is intended to make acquainted the readers about washing & Polish Coating & the views on polish coating alone from various people had us excited and wanted to learn more about the same from people involved in the service industry. We learnt about the product known to use all Brands of Polish, Washing & Polishing your bikes regularly can also keep the paint safe its protects the coat that may save you from damage & Protects from your repainting job. Doing this also saves you money on your protective coat. how it is made and spent some time with one of the company Expert who does the Washing & Polishing coating at Our Service Centre.

Benefits of Washing & Polishing

Washing & Polishing Process:

The process of Washing & Polishing is done in 5 steps.

This is how it is done from end to end! The process completely replaced by machines thereby improving the efficiency and consistency. Service personnel use a spray gun (cyclone gun) and Polishing products (most of the time) for the same

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The above given services may vary from model to model on the servicing. The costs in the application are labour charges & Spare parts cost details which includes GST. Obtained from Curel I Quality SPPST technology Services.

Free Pick Up and Drop Services

Send us a Request for Free Pick and Drop service and we will come to your address pick your bike complete the requested service and return the bike safley back to you.

And we also provide At Home Repair Services

NOTE : This Service is currently only Available in Alappuzha area and Nowhere else.

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