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India is one of the largest manufacturer of two wheeler in the world. Many operators such as Hero, Honda, Suzuki, Bajaj etc manufacture items like scooters, mopeds and motorcycles. It is the style statement of present day youth besides a convenient mode of transport on cheaper rates.

Franchising is a brilliant economic business model / method. It allows those who wish to own a business and who have the needed start up capital (entrepreneur hands on drive) to obtain use of a Branded product or service and a functionally proficient-disciplined- business model with highly inter active customer service and support.

Automobile specifically, “auto” means “of itself” and refers to something that can operate on its own without external assistance. Automatic is an extension of this. Automatic transmission shift themselves, automatic washing machines clean the clothes without assistance other than loading and the initial start Pushed, pulled, rolled, carried, etc. Together they describe the ability to move from one place to another without addition power assistance. However, don’t think that this means that it does not need direction control, start-stop control, or speed control. It is not an automatic self-driving bike. It simply means that you can make it go somewhere else without out having to provide the power to make that move. Therefore, “automobile” means a vehicle that has the capability to move without external power assistance.

Why to deal with Curel I Quality?

Curel I Quality has a advance SSPST proven track record technology as a franchise model and secondly, it is a Automobile business model able to grow in any economic environment.

Key benifits Of Franchise


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Free Pick Up and Drop Services

Send us a Request for Free Pick and Drop service and we will come to your address pick your bike complete the requested service and return the bike safley back to you.

And we also provide At Home Repair Services

NOTE : This Service is currently only Available in Alappuzha area and Nowhere else.

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